You Imagine We Engineer

We make the finest quality rugs and supply across the globe.

RuggleUp is the retail brand of a family steeped in the tradition of rug making, now in its fourth generation of rug design and weaving. We give expression to your innovations to help you Ruggle up your spaces.

We are privileged to Have worked extensively in this industry for the past 80 years and have garnered invaluable experience and have come a long way from the initial struggles of our predecessors setting up a simple manufacturing unit to our generation setting up a design and sales center in the US.

In this age and era, design has become ubiquitous, and the need for individual expression through design and color a trend.

And that's where we step in – if you have an idea, why should you hold back. Let your imagination run wild. We at RuggleUp, with our dedicated team, are here to help you visualize and eventually convert your idea into a beautifully unique rug that is ONLY for you. You will get to interact on a one-to-one basis with our in-house designers, who will help you in your rug designing journey. We make it a fun experience! Our designers are exclusively at your service, allowing you to choose colors, suggest textures, and weave. Above all, ensuring all lies within your budget, making sure everything is tailored to your needs so that when you finally receive your beautiful rug, it will simply elicit an impromptu WOW!

What's more, if you like one of our creative designs, you can tailor it to your specs at your convenience and play around with our tool, which lets you choose your size, your shape and customize your colors, and lets you see a virtual layout all in the comfort of your environment. We have intentionally kept the tool simple and easy to understand. There's a price estimate provided, too, so you'll know what works best for your specific budget. In the end, you know that the rug you have ordered is your creation and ruggled up to suit your space.

The Legacy ...

True Dyed in the wool Rugmakers, we are the fourth generation now taking this art to new levels and new horizons. The cumulative experience, expertise, knowledge of materials, production process, and supply chain management gathered over four generations means that we are uniquely positioned to make your bespoke rug.

... and Perceiving the Future

We are now living in the internet age where distance is no longer a barrier, where quick and easy communication is the norm. In this age of fast-paced living and ever changing fashion trends, we can change according to the current fashion without over the top budgets. We have seen a phenomenal rise in the popularity of customized rugs and with our New York based design labs & sales distribution centre, we are uniquely positioned to manage that.

Our longstanding experience has inculcated in us an understanding of the need for change, taught us to appreciate and apply this change to our art and every kind of weave that it encompasses, be it the intricate Persian knots, the relatively lesser quality but with a quicker turnaround Tibetan knots, the loom knots, the kilims, the flatweaves, the shags, the patchworks, the jacquards and the ubiquitous tufted.

Each kind of weave is still being handcrafted in our manufacturing units with the same zeal and care as it was in the years gone by. We have moved on to modern techniques that still deliver the same quality of carefully crafted rugs, with the same attention to detail and quality but in a significantly lesser time frame.

RuggleUp is not a business for us; it’s a passion. It has been handed down to us by our forefathers, and we zealously guard and nurture it with the same love and enthusiasm that our predecessors had. We are forging ahead with new ideas and concepts.

Come and join us on our journey to celebrate creativity.

Our Purpose & Values

You open a carefully packed custom-made rug and unroll a plush work of art that has arrived after a five- week wait, and what you see is a sheer joy. That is what our customers tell us, and that is what motivates us the most. So simply speaking, our mission is to deliver happiness. To make your rug is just one part of the story. The whole experience, from ordering to receiving your rug, has to be seamless and trouble- free. We follow an “unconventional approach. We don’t have employees. We have stakeholders where everyone is a part of a tightly-knit team, be it the sales staff, the admin staff, the production team, the weavers, or the artisans. Our approach is that of a sense of community and a sense of proud ownership, making our product more than just the sum of its parts.

There are some core values that we do not compromise on

Customer Commitment: The one thing that makes us stand out in this industry is our Customer-centric approach. We believe in building a rapport with our customers putting them at ease, and connecting with their requirements. This communication, in turn, helps us to deliver rugs to the complete satisfaction of our customers. We are very conscious of maintaining clear and precise communication with our clients, which is one of our main strengths.
Quality:  Our quality standards have always been at par with the best in the industry. Our commitment to quality is to deliver to the customer what we promise. Moreover, we continuously strive to develop new ideas with different weaves, yarns, textures, and colors.
Sustainability: We are a socially and environmentally responsible organization committed to achieving operational excellence through our green and clean design and manufacturing processes. We follow a strictly No Child Labour policy and are consciously involved in development projects for children within our local community. We also allow our clients to get directly involved in this. It’s a conscious attempt on our part to bridge the gap between our valued clients and the artisan community back home.
Craftsmanship: We strive to create elegant and high-quality products that deliver value and exceptional customer experience. Experts in their various skills craft each rug – be it our weavers manning the looms with their deft fingers or the dyers whose eye for colors give the perfect tones or the embossers and carvers defining the designs with precision. It’s all sheer poetry in motion and runs like clockwork piece after piece.
Preserve Heritage: Rug weaving is a centuries-old tradition that is gradually waning, a mechanized assembly line production taking precedence. Against this backdrop, we are happy to be working with highly skilled people where every stage of production is an art, and the Artisan involved are specialists. With your orders, we can preserve this glorious handcraft tradition.
Mission Vision
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