Craftsmanship & Manufacturing

From Inspiration to Creativity, Expressions to Impressions, Art to Emotions, a Modern Story of Traditional Practice.

100% Handmade

Each rug is a work of art. Like a master painter, who sets up his palette, mixes his colors, and with a flourish of brush strokes paints to create a masterpiece. Similarly, we make each customized rug. Hand Dyed, Hand carded, Handwoven, Hand finished creating our own masterpiece


Design Principles

Design is that subtle blend of color, form, texture and surface, when mixed in the right proportions and stirred and simmered to the right degree, produces a WOW moment. We are forever tinkering around with weaving techniques, dyeing procedures, playing with texture and form, using different materials to create exciting products that stimulate the imagination.

Preserving traditions, heritage, craftsmanship, and skill for the future.

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